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Community Portal

Welcome to the community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on the Canadian River Safety Wiki, learn what tasks need to be done, and share news about recent events or current activities taking place.

Help out

Our goal with the Canadian River Safety Project is to provide a one-stop web site for all river safety related information.  Our first task that we have decided to tackle is to create an extensive list of paddling related incidents and accidents.

You can help!

Adding content todo's:

  • Enter your own incidents by clicking here!
  • Make incident reports for all the American Whitewater Association incidents that happened in Canada.  You can get more information at AWA Incidents.
  • Fix up some of the pages - the icon field is not correct on many of the pages
  • Make us a new logo (for the top left corner of the site). You can get more information at Canadian River Safety Wiki:ToDo:Logo
  • make up a list of additional fields that should be added to the database at Additional Fields.
  • Make up a list of accident codes. More information at Accident Codes.
  • Make pages for each province (and all of Canada) that link to all incidents. Done!
  • Make up some help pages.

Web development todo's:

  • Make it so that there is an option to get an e-mail for each new incident that is entered, as well as any changes to any existing reports
  • Figure out a way to easily archive web pages such as newspaper reports. Currently we are putting links to web news reports, but they only last so long and after that the information is lost. Could we make pdf's of the page and archive it? We did use to archive web articles for some of the links, but it is difficult to do, and they won't archive some newspaper sites.
  • Add the ability to upload pictures, pdf's, and videos <----- Not sure about videos
  • Add the ability to put in a line for each river in google earth. The current version of semantic maps doesn't have this capability.
  • Add a link to the HyDat web site to look up historical river flows.
  • Add some clarification of what is expected in the 'source' field.
  • The location field should be clarified - It means location *on* the river but could be interpreted as the location *of* the river.  Perhaps mention it could be the rapid name, exact distance from put-in, etc in a help page accessible from the report? This would also help for the boat type field.
  • Create a droplist containing the terms playboat, creekboat, sit-on-top, sea kayak, recreational kayak, canoe, inflatable raft.
  • The report should also include some assurance of the confidentiality of the contact information provided. Also, consider providing the same confidentiality option for witness names <- we have to think this over - I have no idea how we can do this in a wiki format, unless we store this information separate from the wiki database as a seperate database or text file or something.
  • Add field checking to the incident report form. <--- more or less taken care of when we switched to semantic mediawiki
  • Add "Unknown" radio buttons for most of the fields in the report form.
  • Make it so that the Select button works for the incident report form. Done!
  • Add in additional fields (from Additional Fields).
  • Change the search pages so that the incidents show up in a bit more tabular form. Done!
  • Translate the "special pages" from English to French. Also, translate the incident templates from English to French. You can get more informaiton at Canadian River Safety Wiki:ToDo:Translate to French.
  • Add the ability to search incidents by year and river. Done!
  • Make a random inicident link. Done!
  • Fix the bug that won't include the media section if the comments section is blank. Done!
  • *Make a better way to enter incident reports.  This will take someone with either a bit of time or exerience with php.  You can get more information at Canadian River Safety Wiki:ToDo:Incident Script. Done!
  • Make it so that the mini-icon shows up in the address bar of your browser. You can get more information at Canadian River Safety Wiki:ToDo:Mini Logo. Done!
  • Make a new namespace for incidents & move all the incidents to the new namespace. Done!
  • Add other suggestions for things we could do...