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Incident #0068
Date 2011/07/11
Country Canada
Province Yukon
River Bonnet Plume River
Section -
Location few Km upstream from Yukon-NWT border
Difficulty Unknown
Flow Unknown
Gauge Reading -
Boat Type open canoe - tandem
Boat Manufacturer -
Boat Model -
Private/Commercial Commercial
Victim's Name Doug Lavers
Age 69
Injuries Fatality
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Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
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Description of accident and injuries suffered:


External links (Media reports, web postings, etc.):

Toronto man dies in Yukon canoe accident CBC – Fri, 15 Jul, 2011

A 69-year-old paddler from Toronto has died after the canoe he was in capsized in a remote Yukon river this week, according to the Yukon coroner's office and the RCMP.

RCMP recovered the body of Doug Lavers on the shores of the Bonnet Plume River in the northeast part of the territory on Tuesday, a day after he and another person were swept downstream during a guided canoe trip.

Lavers and the other person were in a party of six that was taking part in the 16-day canoe trip, which was organized by Black Feather, an Ontario-based wilderness tourism company.

Witnesses told police that on Monday evening, just a couple days into the trip, one of the group's three canoes struck a rock and capsized, and the two people were swept downstream for about a kilometre.

By the time the pair was pulled out of the Bonnet Plume River, Lavers was unconscious. A doctor in the group was unable to revive the man, according to officials.

RCMP in the neighbouring Northwest Territories were contacted by satellite phone. The next day, officers from Mayo, Yukon, travelled 200 kilometres by helicopter to retrieve Lavers' body.

The Yukon coroner's office said the incident happened just a few kilometres from the Yukon-Northwest Territories border.

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