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Map of Incidents in Ontario:
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List of Incidents in Ontario:

Incident #Date
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RiverProvinceVictim's NameInjuriesCoordinates
00027 February 1999OttawaOntarioLynn ClarkFatality45° 43' 26", -76° 44' 49"
004210 April 2001GrandOntarioSamuel GillisFatality
004329 April 2001GoulaisOntarioMicheal BrownFatality
004529 April 2006GrandOntarioRob Dixon
Ken Jamieson
Double Fatality
005415 April 1972HumberOntarioJohn Thorneloe
Edward Thorneloe
Garfield Babcock
Triple Fatality
005618 May 2002Big CreekOntarioColin Jantunen
Clint Jantunen
Double Fatality
005829 July 1994PetawawaOntarioJanet JohnsonFatality
006631 July 2011GatineauOntarioMohammed JahansazFatality
006929 May 1982Goulais RiverOntarioDuane GuertsonFatality
007016 March 2010Holland RiverOntarioUnknownFatality
008218 August 2012Grand RiverOntarioBlair RiddellFatality
008419 May 2012Amable du Fond RiverOntarioBraun William WunschFatality
008719 May 2013OtonabeeOntarioMichael MagdaluyoFatality